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Specialised in Osteopathy, Pilates and Massage

By letting go, it all gets done. The world is won by those who let go  LAO TZU

Welcome to RELINQUE health centre - Ivanhoe's leading and most experienced provider of Osteopathy, Pilates, and Remedial Massage.

Relinque Health centre was established in 1997. We have been providing the highest standard of Osteopathy, Pilates and Remedial massage to Ivanhoe and surrounding suburbs for 20 years.  Our trusted practitioners are dedicated to improving your health, and are experienced in treating a broad range of musculoskeletal conditions from new born to adults.

Our unique and integrated approach to your treatment means that our entire team is looking after your health. With constant communication between our staff you can be confident you will receive the best treatment at the right stage of your recovery.

Whether you require relief from your tight and painful muscles, increased movement from your stiff and aching joints, or strengthening for your weak and unconditioned muscles, our expert practitioners will be able to offer you a variety of treatment choices that best suits your needs.

If Your Health Could Be Improved.......
How Would That Change Your Life?

Would you take up your favourite sport again? Start running? Spend more time in the garden? Would you spend more time with your children or grand children? Go on the holiday that you have been putting off for years? Or would you simply enjoy the freedom of living without pain?

All these can be possible once again......

Put yourself in the trusted hands of our experienced Osteopaths, Pilates instructors and Remedial Massage therapists at Relinque Health centre in Ivanhoe, and let us show you a world of personal well being that will enable you to realise you endless potential.

Massage, Osteopathy or Pilates in Ivanhoe, Fairfield or Heidelberg!

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