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Exercise To Relieve Neck Pain Or Neck Stiffness.

Info Relinque - Monday, March 05, 2012

Pilates Exercises To Relieve Neck Pain Or Neck Stiffness.

Here are five of the best pilates exercises to help relieve neck pain and neck stiffness. 

Neck strengthening exercises form a vital role in the rehabilitation of many neck injuries. Here are five simple exercises that the pilates instructors from our pilates studio in Ivanhoe have put together to help stretch and strengthen your neck and upper back muscles.

1. Neck Circles.
-Begin this exercise seated and side-bend your head to the left (left ear to left shoulder).

-Imagine you are drawing a circle with your nose in the air, moving your head in a clockwise direction until you return to the starting point. 

-Repeat for 10 circles.
-Begin the other side by side-bending your head to the right and repeat for 10 circles.

2. Chin Tucks
-You can either stand or sit for this exercise. 

-Begin by imagining you are trying to pull your chin backwards to your spine or your nose to the back of your head and then release back to the starting position. 

-Keep your shoulders still throughout the movement.
-Repeat 10 times.

3. Cat Stretch
-Start the exercise in four point kneeling. 

-Bend your neck down so you tuck your chin to chest, tuck pelvis under and try and feel your belly button lifting to the ceiling. Feel your spine flexing in a c shape.

-To continue the exercise move in the opposite direction so you will arch your back, flatten out the spine, tilt pelvis forward and tilt neck upwards so chin points to the roof. 

-Repeat 5-10 times.

4. Laying Massage with Massage Ball on Trapezius and Upper Thoracics
-Laying on your back with hands by your side and place a massage ball or tennis ball on the tight and tender muscles between your spine and shoulder blade on the left side.

-Take your left arm up to the roof and back behind you like you are doing back stroke. 


-Repeat 10 times and then change to the right side.

5. Sidebending Neck Stretch with Rotation
-Start seated and side-bend your head to the right (right ear to right shoulder). 

-Hold this position for 20 seconds.
-Tilt your head on a 45% angle so that you are looking down to your right hip and your chin is close to the right shoulder.


-Hold this position for 20 seconds and return to the strating position. Repeat the movement 5 times and then do the same for the left side.

If you have any questions regarding pilates or neck pain and stiffness, please contact one of the instructors at our pilates studio in Ivanhoe.

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