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Ivanhoe Pilates Instructors Recommend Exercises for Sciatic Pain

Info Relinque - Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Ivanhoe Pilates Instructors recommend treatment and exercises to bring relief for sciatic nerve pain.

Core strengthening exercises form a vital role in the rehabilitation of sciatica and lower back injuries. Here are five simple exercises that the pilates instructors from our pilates studio in Ivanhoe have put together to help strengthen your core and relieve sciatic nerve pain.

1. Cat stretch: 

- Start the exercise in four point kneeling.

- Bend your neck down so you tuck your chin to chest, tuck pelvis under and try and feel your belly button lifting to the ceiling. Feel your spine flexing in a c shape. 

- To continue the exercise move in the opposite direction so you will arch your back, flatten out the spine, tilt pelvis forward and tilt neck upwards so chin points to the roof.

- Repeat 5-10 times.

2. Lumbar roll: 

- Begin the exercise laying on your back with your legs and feet together and knees bent. Your feet should be flat on the floor. Arms are straight out to the side. Head and neck facing the ceiling. 

- Start the exercise by taking your legs and hips over to one side. Keep your upper body on the floor. Your hips and feet will lift off the floor as you take your legs over. Only go as far as you can without lifting your upper body off the floor. Return them back to the centre.

- Continue the exercise by taking the legs across to the other side. Only go as far as you can go without lifting the upper body off the floor. Return them back to the centre. 
- Repeat the exercise so that you do each side at least five times.

3. Straight leg lift: 

-Side-lying with legs out straight one on top of the other. Make sure your neck is supported. 
-Lift the top leg up off the bottom leg approx. 20 cm and then lower it back down. 

-Repeat 10-15 times. 
-Repeat on the other side.

4. Pelvic tilt: 

- Lay on your back, with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. 
-Start the exercise by tilting your pelvis backwards and feeling your belly button come in towards your spine and then release your pelvis back to the starting position. 

-Repeat the rocking action 20 times.

 5. Bend lift straighten lower: 

- Lay flat on your stomach 
- Bend one of your legs at the knee. Lift that knee slightly off the floor, keeping both hips flat on the floor.

- Straighten the bent leg, and lower it to the floor.

- Repeat 5 times, then repeat 5 times with the other leg.

Contact Relinque Pilates in Ivanhoe for Sciatic Pain Treatment

If you have any questions regarding core strengthening exercises, low back injuries or sciatica treatment please contact one of the Pilates Instructors at Relinque in Ivanhoe.

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