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What is a Torn Hamstring and can Osteopaths Effectively Treat Them?

Info Relinque - Sunday, May 26, 2013

We see many athletes in our clinic with hamstring injuries, most have occurred as a result of some sort of running activity.  Hamstring strains are common injuries among sprinters, hurdlers, football players and hockey players.

During sprinting the hamstring muscles work extremely hard to decelerate the tibia (shin bone) as it swings out.  During this phase, as the foot prepares to strikes the ground the hamstring becomes most vulnerable as it approaches it’s maximum length.

Patients with a hamstring injury usually feel a sudden, sharp pain or pulling sensation in the back of their thigh.  They tend to occur more commonly in older athletes and particularly following an inadequate warm up.

What Does a Hamstring Tear Feel Like

Minor hamstring tears may not cause too much pain, but moderates to severe tears can be agonizing.

Other symptoms of a hamstring tear may include:

- Sudden and severe pain during the exercise, which may be accompanied by a popping sound.

- Localized, sharp pain in the back of the leg.

- Bruising may occur, and be quite extensive in severe cases.

Osteopathic Treatment of Hamstring Tears

- After an injury it is important to rest the injured muscle.  Sometimes it may take up to two to three weeks before you can begin any sort of training.

- Ice is always important in the early stage of rehabilitation in this injury.

- Gentle stretching can be started as soon as the pain and swelling begins to subside.

- Massage can be used to assist the removal of built up toxins and help decrease recovery time.

- A strengthening program should be used to strengthen the muscle and facilitate early return to activity with lessened risk of recurrence.

- A thigh compression wrap can be applied to provide support as the muscle heals.

Our Osteopaths have had great results in managing this type of injury and believe that the best recoveries are achieved by early intervention.  If you have experienced a hamstring injury and need more information on how to best manage this, don’t hesitate to contact our clinic to speak to one of our experienced Osteopaths to work out a treatment plan and exercises for you.

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