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Can Pilates Improve Your Core Strength?

Info Relinque - Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Core strengthening exercises form a vital role in the rehabilitation of many lower back and pelvic injuries. A weak core can lead to increased stress on the lumbar spine, causing premature wear, and greater instability. Pilates is considered the safest and most effective way to improve core strength.

Relinque Helath centre Pilates is Ivanhoe’s leading and most experienced provider of pilates, osteopathy, and massage. We have been providing effective and lasting relief for sufferers of back pain with pilates for Ivanhoe, Fairfield, Alphington, Heidelberg and surrounding suburbs since 1998. 

What Are The Core Muscles?

The core muscles form a box that has the diaphragm ( breathing muscle ) as the lid, the stomach and spinal muscles as the sides and the pelvic floor as the bottom. They all work together to form your core. The Pilates method primarily focuses on strengthening the core muscles while the spine is an optimal or neutral position. 

What Is The Function Of The Core Muscles?

The core muscles play an important role in supporting and stabilising your spine. It is therefore very important to strengthen and maintain these muscles in order to:
1. Decrease pain
2. Prevent injury 

If these muscles are weak it may lead to imbalances through the low back and trunk muscles, causing increased pressure on the discs and ligaments which leads to injury and pain. 

Current research has shown that training the abdominal area without proper pelvic stabilisation will increase intradiscal pressure and compressive forces of the lumbar spine ( low back ). It is therefore essential when exercising your core muscles that you be careful and are aware of the positioning of your trunk and spine. 

Will Increased Core Strength Decrease Back Pain?

Yes, strengthening your core muscles will indeed help low back pain and the pilates method is one of the best and safest ways of being able to do so. 

If you have any questions regarding core strength or pilates, please contact one of the pilates instructors at Relinque Sports & Spinal Group in Ivanhoe.

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