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Relinque Pilates Studio in Ivanhoe: Chest Opener Exercise

Info Relinque - Monday, November 21, 2011

Find out how our Pilates studio in Ivanhoe use sidelying chest opener exercise to relieve upper back pain. 

Poor posture is becoming increasingly common in today's society. People are spending more time sitting at desks and working on computers than they ever have before. This move towards a more sedentary lifestyle is causing an increase in poor posture in many people who attend our clinic in Melbourne. Poor posture leads to muscular imbalances within your body and in many cases can cause pain in your upper back, neck and shoulders.

How Does the Pilates Chest Opener Exercise Relieve Upper Back Pain? 

The sidelying chest opener exercise is one of the safest and most effective exercises to open up and decompress your anterior cage, and it is one that pilates instructors regularly recommend at our pilates studio in Melbourne. It aims to mobilise your thoracic and cervical spine, and stretch your pecs and anterior cage muscles.

The Chest Opener Exercise. 

-Side-lying with arms straight out in front at shoulder height and legs bent. Have knees and hips at same level and knees and feet in alignment.

-Take the top arm up and over in a half circle and rotate your upper body to follow.

-Hold this position for a breathe and then take the arm back to the starting position.
-Repeat the exercise 10 times on each side. 

If you have any questions regarding the chest opener exercise or pilates, please contact one of the pilates instructors at Relinque pilates Melbourne.

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