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Pilates And Weight Loss. Will Pilates Help You Lose Weight?

Info Relinque - Friday, November 16, 2012

One question we are frequently asked at our pilates studio in Ivanhoe is: Will pilates help me lose weight? The short answer is yes, pilates will help you lose weight. The amount of weight you lose will depend upon the types of exercises you do, the intensity of the exercises, and your body type. 

Studies have shown that a one hour pilates class can burn between 241 and 421 kcal per hour. Below is a comparison for a few of the most common forms of exercise.

- Walking 6km/h 230kcal per hour
- Weight training with moderate weights 186kcal per hour
- Swimming freestyle moderate 435kcal per hour

Regular pilates classes will provide you with many benefits including increased muscle tone, improved posture and improved body shape.

Increase muscle tone

Increase muscle mass means increased calories burned. Pilates is a very specialized form of resistance training that utilizes spring-loaded apparatus to strengthen and tone your body. As you become stronger the intensity of the exercises increases, encouraging your body to adapt and grow stronger. 

Improved posture to look thinner

By increasing the strength and tone in your abdominals and back muscles, your body will automatically take on a new shape. Pilates will teach you how to use your abdominal muscles correctly, and contract your abdominal wall rather than letting it distend. It will strengthen the muscles in your back and allow you to stand taller with you shoulders neutral, rather than slumping forward.

Improved body shape

One of the big advantages that pilates has over other forms of exercise is that every exercise you do aims to strengthen and tone your deep abdominal and back muscles. With such a focus on strengthening and toning your mid section, pilates will not only re-shape your body but prevent lower back injuries.

How to increase the benefits of your pilates classes

- Participate in at least 2 classes per week
- Minimize rest times between exercises
- Apply yourself fully to each exercise
- Continually challenge yourself during classes by altering exercises and resistance.

If you have any questions regarding Pilates, please contact one of our Pilates instructors at Relinque Sports & Spinal Group

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