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Our Process – Relinque Osteopathy Ivanhoe, Heidelberg, Fairfield & Alphington

The Osteopaths at Relinque Sports & Spinal Group follow a treatment process has been developed and refined over the past 20 years to ensure you get the best treatment at the right stage of your recovery.

We’ll take you through a step by step process that can help decrease your pain, increase your mobility and improve your quality of life.

There are 4 stages to your Osteopathy treatment at Relinque Sports & Spinal Group:

1. Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation our Osteopaths will:

  • Listen to you. The more we listen to you and understand your unique set of circumstances, the better chance we have of helping you achieve your goals.
  • Conduct a full medical history and biomechanical assessment.
  • Assess your posture, movement patterns, joint restrictions, and muscle tone.
  • Set realistic goals regarding your injury and how long it will take to recover.
  • Conduct ‘Hands on’ Osteopathy treatment to help reduce presenting symptoms.
During your Initial Assessment we will explore all contributing factors relating to your injury and identify the best treatment choice to help achieve your short and long term goals.

2. Osteopathy Treatment

  • During this stage we focus on Osteopathic treatment to decrease your pain.
  • Our Osteopaths use techniques such as soft tissue, stretching, mobilisation, manipulation and dry needling to release tight muscles and joint restrictions.
  • Home exercises and myofascial release techniques may be prescribed during this stage to help decrease muscle spasm and increase flexibility.
  • This stage will usually take 2 - 8 weeks depending on the severity and length of your injury.

3. Flexibility & Mobility

  • By this stage your pain levels should be decreased and your range of movement should be improved.
  • Osteopathy treatment will still occur, but less often. Emphasis now shifts towards your prescribed exercise program and restoring pain free movement.
  • Reassessment usually occurs at this stage to measure treatment outcomes.

4. Strength & Stability

  • Pain levels and quality of movement should be significantly improved by this stage.
  • Osteopathy treatment is reduced.
  • Our focus is now improving strength and stability to prevent recurrence of your injury.
  • Specific strengthening exercises are prescribed by our Osteopaths, or recommendations for Pilates sessions are given.
  • You should now have a full understanding of your injury and how to relieve your symptoms. You will also have a comprehensive list of strengthening exercises to prevent recurrence of your injury.


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