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Clinical Pilates - Pilates for Residents of Ivanhoe, Fairfield & Alphington

Our Clinical Pilates classes in Ivanhoe are conducted with small groups of students (maximum of 4), and utilise the full range of pilates equipment. These classes offer you an individually tailored program that is designed specifically for your strengths and weaknesses.

Clinical pilates classes are a gentle and safe form of exercise; ideal for individuals with prior injuries, specific sports focused training goals, pregnancy, or those that enjoy a challenging workout.

Prior to participating in classes, you will be taken through a one on one comprehensive physical assessment with one of our Osteopaths to identify your physical strengths and weaknesses, muscle imbalances, postural problems, and any movement restrictions. From this postural analysis we will design a customised program for you. We will strengthen and tone your weak areas, and stretch and loosen your tight ones.

Clinical pilates is how pilates was originally designed to be taught. It utilises the full range of equipement including the reformer, cadillac, ladder barrel, foam roller, magic circle, matwork.....and much more.  If you are looking to start Pilates in Fairfield or Alphington give us a call and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.


1:1 Initial Assessment & 3 Clinical Pilates Classes

Ready for your first clinical pilates class? Read our information guidelines or contact any of our clinical pilates instructors in Ivanhoe now!

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