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Lower back and Sciatic pain

I was referred to Dr Adam Wilson by my family, who have such faith in his ability to help me, that they flew me from the Gold Coast to Melbourne and looked after me during my time of treatment. I had ongoing sciatic nerve problems in my right hip, dating back to a car accident in 1962, but exacerbated by a bad fall 17 years ago, and treatment in hospital after I broke my ankle last year. I had innumerable X-rays and scans of the area, which did not reveal any skeletal problems, and so co..

Ms J F Saker Queensland

Lower Back and Sciatic Pain

I have suffered from Lower back pain for over thirty years. It first occurred after a fall I had as a teenager. I have lived with constant pain in my back which travels into my groin, and down the back of my leg. After many years of pain medication and doctors visits, I was unfortunately resigned to the conclusion that I would have to live with this pain for the rest of my life. After one treatment I could no longer feel any pain down my leg, and after three treatments the lower back pai..

E Golds Torquay, Victoria

Lower Back and Sciatic Pain

My sister first told me about Adam a couple of years ago, after he helped fix her long time back problem. I had been suffering with chronic sciatic pain after a nursing injury some 15 years previous. Throughout those 15 years, thousands of dollars have been spent on numerous therapist which provide little relief. My sister suggested that I come over to Victoria and receive some treatment. I had nothing to lose, so we made the arrangements and booked four treatments with him over a fo..

C. Parry Launceston, Tas

Arthritic Pain

My 80 plus year old mother and I have been patients of Relinque for in excess of 5 years. I come from Middle Park and happily travel this distance once a month for the expert care we receive. My mother attends now for a general "tweak" but her initial problems have been long solved by Adam. She was diagnosed with Pagets Disease and Chronic Arthritis many years ago, and as a result suffered with various aches and pains. Her initial and persistent lower back problem is no longer an issue S..

R. Phillips Middle Park

Chronic Sporting Injuries

"I am 68 and require treatment form Dr Adam Wilson to relieve discomfort and loss of function in my arms, shoulders and lower back. These injuries are due in the main to old sporting and manual work injuries as well as a sedentary career. My wife who is 63, suffers with nerve damage as a result of an MS affliction in her thirties. She has also had spinal surgery in her lower back due to a disc bulge. We travel over 200kms to attend the Relinque clinic but we are always extremely than..

C Short Rosebud, Victoria

Headaches and Dizziness

About a year ago I started having problems with my neck after a serious fall at home. This leads to dizziness and a throbbing headaches. Since that time I have had constant symptoms that have never gone away. I have seen numerous doctors and had many scans and X-rays. I have tried numerous medications, none of which help. I was referred to see Adam Wilson by my cousin, who had helped her with her headaches. Thanks to Adam my neck pain and headaches are all gone. I can’t thank h..

G Barnett Victoria

Headaches and Face pain

I have suffered with internal problems since the age of 13. I cannot remember a day that I haven’t experienced either headaches, mood swings, menstrual problems or sinus congestion. My doctor has sent me for many tests including numerous blood tests, and CT scan. All of these showed nothing. All of the doctors I have seen could not offer me any explanation for my symptoms. They were brief, and of little help! I was becoming very frustrated. I had spent a great deal of money, se..

J McDonald Perth, Western Australia

General Well being

" I have been a client of Relinque for over 5 years and during this time I have been completely free of the chronic neck and back problems I had been previously experiencing. I came to see Adam for a specific problem which he rectified over a four week treatment process. I now maintain regular visits and fly regularly from Sydney to see him. His ability to rebalance my body to its natural state ensures that whilst I live in a society that can be very stressful and hectic, I am able to li..

Fiona F. Queenscliffe, NSW

Irritable babies

We took our eight week old baby boy to see Adam Wilson on a recommendation from our maternal health nurse. He had not slept for more than two hours in one stretch since we brought him home from the hospital, and he seemed to be in constant distress. We had taken him to our Paediatrician, and also the Children's hospital who both said that there was nothing wrong. We had also spent 5 nights at sleep school which made no difference. After one treatment with Adam he slept solidly for si..


Birth Trauma

My family and I have been going to Relinque for many years. We have been taking our boys to Adam since they were born. After long and difficult births our boys had a variety of issues including problems with walking and reflux. Treatment from Adam always solves the problem, and I would highly recommend Relinque Health centre to anyone with young children...

Emma L. Costa Del Sol, Singapore