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Chronic Sporting Injuries

"I am 68 and require treatment form Dr Adam Wilson to relieve discomfort and loss of function in my arms, shoulders and lower back. These injuries are due in the main to old sporting and manual work injuries as well as a sedentary career.

My wife who is 63, suffers with nerve damage as a result of an MS affliction in her thirties. She has also had spinal surgery in her lower back due to a disc bulge.

We travel over 200kms to attend the Relinque clinic but we are always extremely thankful that such an effective and talented facility is available to us.

We have also brought relatives from interstate and overseas when we think they would benefit from the exceptional skills available at Adam’s clinic.

Dr Adam Wilson provided very effective treatment for our grand daughter who had suffered severe birthing problems. As a result of his treatment we have avoided the need for radical conventional medicine remedies, for which the family will be eternally grateful.

C Short Rosebud, Victoria