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Headaches and Face pain

I have suffered with internal problems since the age of 13. I cannot remember a day that I haven’t experienced either headaches, mood swings, menstrual problems or sinus congestion.

My doctor has sent me for many tests including numerous blood tests, and CT scan. All of these showed nothing. All of the doctors I have seen could not offer me any explanation for my symptoms. They were brief, and of little help!

I was becoming very frustrated. I had spent a great deal of money, seen many specialists, and was still feeling constantly ill.

I had heard about Adam Wilson from a friend of mine who lived in Victoria. She kept telling me that I should come and see him. I finally made the decision and flew to Melbourne to see him.

After the first two treatments a lot of pressure had come off my face, and my sinuses seemed to be much clearer. After the following session I was able to breath much better, and felt much more energised.

Since the treatment my life has completely changed. I have much more energy, and no more pain.

J McDonald Perth, Western Australia