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Lower back and Sciatic pain

I was referred to Dr Adam Wilson by my family, who have such faith in his ability to help me, that they flew me from the Gold Coast to Melbourne and looked after me during my time of treatment.

I had ongoing sciatic nerve problems in my right hip, dating back to a car accident in 1962, but exacerbated by a bad fall 17 years ago, and treatment in hospital after I broke my ankle last year. I had innumerable X-rays and scans of the area, which did not reveal any skeletal problems, and so conventional medical practitioners had been unable to find anything that could be causing my constant pain. I walked with a pronounced limp, found standing still too painful to do for more than 5 minutes at a time, sat with difficulty, and only found partial relief lying on my back. Not the best way to spend a life.

Adam's searching fingers soon found an area of damaged muscle that would not show up on an X-Ray, and he commenced treatment. From the first session I found a huge difference in my pain level and mobility, and after six treatments I returned to the Gold Coast. I walked off the plane into the terminal, and was not recognised by my partner, as he was looking for the woman in the wheelchair who had left a few weeks before. I continue to improve daily as I follow the exercise regime Adam recommended, and I teach my body to walk without a limp.

I can recommend Dr Adam Wilson as an osteopath of considerable and rare ability. He has improved my quality of life, by identifying the source of the pain in my right hip and leg which had followed me for most of my life and treating a problem that other medical practitioners could not find within my body. I have perfect trust in his treatment, and would not hesitate to return to him if I have another problem. I literally found myself in good hands at Relinque.

Ms J F Saker Queensland