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Lower Back and Sciatic Pain

My sister first told me about Adam a couple of years ago, after he helped fix her long time back problem.

I had been suffering with chronic sciatic pain after a nursing injury some 15 years previous. Throughout those 15 years, thousands of dollars have been spent on numerous therapist which provide little relief.

My sister suggested that I come over to Victoria and receive some treatment. I had nothing to lose, so we made the arrangements and booked four treatments with him over a four week period.

The treatment I received from Adam was quite different to what I had experienced before. During the session I could feel a tingling throughout my body, and my entire spine seemed to get warm. It was an amazing experience.

Over the four week period my pain levels decreased by around 80%. I no longer experience any pain, and with the series of exercises Adam gave me, my back pain is very infrequent and totally manageable.

C. Parry Launceston, Tas